eQuality Resources

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The eQuality Almanac

This document will walk you through the eQuality journey.  With a foreword from PACE Chief Executive Margaret Unwin, you can read about some of the key issues which are faced by LGBT+ people accessing mainstream services, as well as how the eQuality project has been working with mainstream services across England.  Click here to download the Almanac.


eQuality Briefing Paper

Written by consultant psychotherapist Dr Maeve Malley this briefing paper explains the background to the eQuality Project with evidence from wide-ranging research.


The Benefits of Joining eQuality

Download this leaflet outlining some of the many benefits of signing up to eQuality and receiving your eQuality Charter-mark Award.


Monitoring Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

How, and why we can monitor the sexual orientation and gender identity of our service users and staff, including useful things to think about before you start.


British Psychological Society - Guidelines for working with 'Sexual and Gender Minorities'

Guidelines and literature review including the sociopolitical context; key issues; and education, training and professional development.  


Working with Older LGBT+ People in Mainstream Services.

A short presentation from Age Concern about their efforts to improve the services they have available to older LGBT+ people.


The Bisexuality Report

A report into Bisexual inclusion from BiUK, in collaboration with the Centre for Citizenship, Identities and Governance and Faculty of Health and Social Care at the Open University.


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