Relate's vision is a future in which healthy relationships form the heart of a thriving society.


Relate's mission is to develop and support healthy relationships by:


  • helping couples, families and individuals to make relationships work better
  • delivering inclusive, high-quality services that are relevant at every stage of life
  • helping both the public and policymakers to improve their understanding of relationships and what makes them flourish.

Relate is a national federated charity with over 70 years experience of supporting the nation's relationships.

As the country's largest provider of relationship support, every year Relate helps over 150,000 people of all ages, backgrounds and sexual orientations. With over 70 centres across the country, Relate has a network of counsellors working at 600 locations as well as by phone and online.

Relate services include relationship counselling for individuals and couples; family counselling; counselling for children and young people and sex therapy.
Relate campaigns to see relationship support for children, adults and families at the heart of the social justice agenda.

Relate is governed by a Board of Trustees, all of them volunteers, who are deeply committed to realising their vision of a future in which healthy and happy relationships form the heart of a thriving society.