Improving Outcomes for Children,

Young People and Families

"Strong and stable families are the foundation of a strong and stable society and, are key to ensuring children develop into healthy, happy and successful adults"  - Department for Education.


The Department for Education has funded the pilot stage of this radical new initiative through their improving outcomes for children, young people and families' fund

Through this funding programme the overarching aim for PACE is to assist in making LGBT+ relationships 'healthier, stronger, more positive, less likely to fail and less destructive to family members if they do fail'.

The DfE wishes to see more adequate and competent relationship support via mainstream services in each region of England, and has therefore asked PACE to provide specialist support and training to services to assist them in meeting these objectives.

"Working with mainstream relationship services, local and national LGBT+ organisations and wider LGBT+ communities, we are confident we will soon see LGBT+ friendly relationship services in every English region". Tim Eastwood - eQuality & Training Manager.

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