Healthy Relationships Campaign

eQuality is working to improve the relationship support available to lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans* (LGBT+) people.


"I welcome the Healthy Relationships campaign and your stated aims of promoting inclusion and access to mainstream relationship support for LGB&T people, and increasing understanding amongst relationship support professionals of how best to work with and meet the needs of LGB&T people" - Lynne Featherstone MP


Research has shown that on some occasions LGBT+ people have had negative, even discriminatory experiences in mainstream services.  This may cause some LGBT+ people to avoid approaching services for support when they want it - and we think this is wrong. 

But where LGBT+ people are having positive experiences and a good service, we want to celebrate these services! HEAR CLEAR PRO  


We are working with relationship services in England to make sure they are providing appropriate and high quality support to their LGBT+ customers.  And we accredit them too! With our eQuality Charter Mark Award, organisations can show they are providing high standards of service to LGBT+ people.


Click here to see the press release about the Healthy Relationships Campaign.


Click on the images below to download. If you would like to order hard copies of the designs, send us an email or call 020 7715 0385 and ask for a member of the eQuality team.



If you've had an experience of couple therapy that's been really excellent, tell us about it here and we'll celebrate that service.
If you were going for couple therapy, would you prefer a lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans* specific service, a mainstream service, or would you not be bothered so long as it was a good service?  Tell us here.Are you a therapist in a mainstream relationship organisation?  What would help you to work better with your LGBT+ clients?  Tell us here.
Have you got any experiences of going to mainstream therapy that you would be prepared to tell us about here?What advice would you give to your colleagues about working with LGBT+ people?  Tell us here.Would your organisation benefit from an 'LGBT+ health-check'?  Contact us for eQuality enquiries, or training enquiries.