PACE is a London based charity which aims to inspire better lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans* (LGBT+) mental health. (Registered charity number: 801271).

Established for nearly 30 years, and previously part of the lesbian and gay centre, PACE itself was founded by a group of volunteers in recognition of the difficulties lesbians and gay men faced from homophobia.

Since 1985 PACE services have continually developed, now working with lesbian, gay and bisexual women, gay and bisexual men, trans* people and those exploring their sexual or gender identities. 

Striving to meet the changing needs of the LGBT+ communities, PACE's professional and experienced staff and volunteers now offer a range of holistic support services including:

  • Individual Counselling
  • Couple Counselling
  • Domestic Abuse Counselling
  • Mental Health Advocacy
  • Training
  • Workshops and Groups
  • Youth Support

Evidence shows LGBT+ people are all too often isolated, marginalised and under-represented in wider society. There are disproportionate numbers of LGBT+ people struggling with their emotional and physical health and PACE is committed to supporting LGBT+ people and challenging the stigma and discrimination faced by many LGBT+ people in our society.

PACE is committed to researching the changing needs of LGBT+ people and offering wide ranging, crucial support services to meet these needs.

Click here to visit the PACE Health website.